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Fidue A73 In Ear Monitor Headphones Review 
FIDUE A73入耳式监听耳机评测

By Smit Patel 

Product Name: A73
Manufacturer: Fidue
MSRP: $149
First Impression: Gotta Have It!



•Driver: Φ10mm Exclusive Dynamic & Balanced Armature Drivers Frequency
•Frequency Range: 13-27,000 Hz
•Sensitivity: 107dB
•Max Input Power: 20mW
•Distortion: <1%
•Plug: 3.5mm stereo, gold-plated (MP3, iPod, iPhone & iPad Supported)
•Cable: 1.3 m

Executive Overview

When Fidue announced their latest release, the Fidue A73 in-ears, it was quite an exciting prospect seeing as the company has progressed so much over the past years. With their flagship, the Fidue A83 and even the A71 model, the company has earned notable respect within the audiophile community for their valuable contributions. Sticking to their principles of timely designs and that signature Fidue sound, the A73 has been set for international release and has been heralded to be a showstopper considering its mere $149 price tag.
当飞朵发布他们新的产品FIDUE A73,我们可以看到这家公司在过去这一年所取得的巨大进步,这无疑是令人振奋的。通过他们的旗舰A83,以及前期产品A71,飞朵在发烧友群体中贡献了不少十分有价值的产品,也因此攒下了很多显著的尊敬。从飞朵在声音的调校和设计风格来看,A73是一款面向全球发布的产品,而且仅仅149美元的售价也预示着这将是一位竞争力十足的搅局者。

Incorporating a premium balanced armature driver and exclusive dynamic drivers, the A73’s driver confirmation departs from the traditional A71’s dual dynamic titanium drivers and sticks to the hybrid conformation which has earned the A83 its staggering success.

What you get: the box & accessories

As with its predecessors, the Fidue A73 comes in an unassuming plain box which has all the necessary information including driver details as well as a description of the “accurate sound performance”. Inside, much like the A71 model, the IEMs rest in a foam insert and there is a high quality leather carrying case. The accompanying silicone eartips come in a small, medium and large variation to suit all user tastes and there is a shirt-clip for reducing microphonics.
正如飞朵的其他型号,FIDUE A73放置在一个不甚抢眼但信息丰富的盒子里,包括单元的细节和声音的大致描述也有列在其中。盒子里的布置有点像A71,通过海绵材质的内衬包裹固定,还有一个质量不错的收纳皮盒。随机附送的硅胶套有大中小尺寸,能适合不同用户的使用习惯,另外,A73还附赠了一个衣领夹用以减少线材在走动过程中的晃动。

Build quality

Benny Tan, the founder and chief tuner of Fidue, has opted for a stunning silver and red avant-garde design. The connections to the Y-split and 3.5mm jack seem pretty sturdy and the cable looks to be durable. Perhaps the Fidue team could have really pushed the message home here by incorporating the same detachable triple-braided cable as the A83 has to add a more premium touch to the IEM. Nevertheless, the design and build are certainly above average and Fidue have really done great on this aspect to secure the “durable” and “unique” categories which are part of their slogan.
飞朵的创始人和主调音师Benny Tan,选择了一个抢眼的银色和半透明红色搭配的前卫设计。从分线器到3.5mm插头看起来相当结实,线材看起来也十分耐用。飞朵的团队可能计划将A83的可插拔设计以及三芯线缆编制设计用于研发更高端的入耳式产品当中,所以没有在A73上延续。但无论如何,A73的设计和做工都明显高于平均水平的。而且FIDUE确实在做了很大努力,确保产品“耐用”和具备“独创性”,这也正是他们一直坚持的品牌口号。



Housing size does not help in this regard either and is something that Fidue may want to consider scaling down so that the optimal fit can be achieved.


 Sound impressions


The A73 delivers a delicate and fast-paced low-frequency range with a somewhat boosted response. This is a far cry from the overly boosted A71s and manages to still stay in line with the rest of the frequency range.The bass in particular is impactful and when listening to James Blake’s “Limit to your Love”, the bass is very well paced with good decay speeds and transients. There is nothing aggressive about the bass and tonally I’d say that it is very pleasant with good rumble, texture and depth. I was especially surprised to see a decent amount of sub-bass extension in Fractal’s “Element” track. With good weight, body, impact and speeds the bass has impressed me, and while not the tightest I have heard, is definitely a great attribute of this IEM.  
A73表现出一种清晰迅速而且很有弹性的低频响应效果。与A71的强劲低音效果相比,A73的低频力量感不差,而且也不会对其他频段产生不好的印象。这种低音特别有冲击力,听James Blake的“Limit to your Love”的时候,A73的低音带来非常好的节奏,具有良好的衰减速度和瞬态。一点都不会有过度的激进,而且音色方面,我会说,这是令人非常舒服的,具有良好质感和下潜的低音效果。我特别惊讶地在 Fractal的 “Element” 音乐里,发现低音有很好的扩散和延展。拥有不错的量感、质感、氛围和速度感,A73的低音显然打动了我,这绝对是这个IEM的一大特性。


The midrange presents as forward and intimate within a light and airy soundstage. In comparison to the prior A71, the A73 delivers a slightly thinner note presentation with more clarity levels. This is evident as there is no bass bleed from low range frequencies into the midrange which the A71 was often suspect to. The warm tone of the Fidue A73 is captivating with male vocals in the lower midranges and becomes drier but more defined in the upper midranges. To add to this, the lack of sibilance and harshness makes these great to listen for extended periods of time. 
中音表现比较靠前,形成了一个明亮和舒展的声场。相较于之前的A71,A73的提供了一个略薄的而且更清晰的声音素质。这是显而易见的,因为这里没有像A71一样,有强劲的低音来影响中低音频率的声音过渡。这也是A71被不少人质疑的地方。尽管FIDUE A73偏暖的风格让男声的低中音听起来有些干,但是中高音就比较清晰和迷人。更重要的是,A73听起来没有齿音,使得它的声音舒适性非常棒,即使长时间聆听,都不容易累。


The treble of the A73 comes complete with great extension, air and sparkle. There is no discernible roll-off which adds to the liveliness and energy of tracks. The balanced-armature part of the driver configuration adds the needed clarity to make the Fidue A73 a great all-rounder for its price. The A73, however, is not as crystal clear as the clarity king known as the Rock-it Sounds R-50 but still has appreciable revelations of micro-details and nuances. What makes it different from other similarly priced balanced-armature sets is that the higher notes carry more weight and presence aiding the delivery of a more natural presentation.
A73的高频延伸很好,听起来很完整,有一定的空气感。没有明显的削减,增强了声音的能量密度和音乐的活力。动铁部分表现出必要的透明度,使Fidue A73在它的价格段内成为了一个非常棒的风格全面的耳机。虽然A73在Rock-it Sound这首歌上听起来还比不上以清晰度著称的R-50,但是仍然有很细微的声音细节差别。高音的密度更好,细节表现也更加自然,这就是使得它与其他同等价位的动铁耳机有明显的优势的原因。


Soundstage & Imaging

Open, airy and large are perfect descriptors to the Fidue’s welcoming sound-staging. While not as wide as the DUNU DN-2000 or even the Titan 1, the soundstage is larger than average with good projection of sonic cues in the dimensions of width and depth. Instrument separation is great with vocals and instruments not blending into one another. Coherency is another aspect that this IEM excels upon as there is no disconnect between the dynamic and balanced armature drivers owing to the careful selection of appropriate drivers to fit into the overall A73 sound signature.



Overall then, Fidue have really impressed me with the release of the A73. A great all-rounder that is able to deliver fast yet impactful bass, smooth and intelligible vocals as well as a well-extended high frequency range. It is great that companies are now able to deliver cheaper hybrid models as not long before, the competition of models of this nature took place around the $300+ category. The A73, however, is not without its shortcomings as fit for me was a particular issue. In future revisions, Fidue should try to incorporate a longer nozzle for a more secure fit so that sound is not dramatically affected. Nevertheless, this is a model well worth buying simply due its price-performance factor.
总的来说,Fidue A73的发布真的让我印象深刻。一个伟大的全能型选手,能够提供快速且有冲击力的低音,流畅清晰的歌声,以及良好的高频延伸范围。这是非常棒的,FIDUE在发布了$300+价位的很有竞争力的圈铁混合产品之后,没过多久就能够研发出更便宜的圈铁混合产品,可见实力深厚。但是,A73对我来说并不是完全没有缺点的。佩戴的舒适性对我是一个特别的挑战。希望在以后的修订,FIDUE可以尝试通过较 长的导管来实现更安全的铁和佩戴,不会受到外界噪声的影响。不管怎样,这款FIDUE A73,确实性价比非常高,值得强烈推荐大家购买。